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Commercial Garage Doors in Charlotte

If you need commercial overhead garage door repair or installation in North Carolina, Garage Door and More can help. Based in Charlotte, we're a family-owned business with 18 service areas around the state. Our professional technicians are dedicated to providing the best garage door services and products at affordable prices.

When Do You Need a New Commercial Overhead Door?

There are several reasons why you might need a new commercial garage door:

  • Track misalignment: Garage doors run on metal tracks. When the tracks misalign, the door will stop functioning properly and might not open or close at all.
  • Old or damaged springs: Garage door torsion springs provide power to lift and open the door. If the springs are worn out or broken, the door will lack the power to open all the way.
  • Worn or damaged cablesMost garage door systems operate with cables. Over time, these cables can wear down or break, interfering with your garage door’s ability to open and close.
  • Deteriorated rollers: Regular use puts a lot of stress on garage door rollers. Rollers gradually wear down, especially as dirt and debris build up.


What Should You Do When Your Garage Door Stops Working?

When your commercial garage door stops working, it can be a major hassle for you, your customers and your business. In addition to the inconvenience, an old or damaged overhead door can be a safety risk. To keep your customers and workers safe and ensure your business can operate without disruption, you should call a professional to take a look at the issue.

At Garage Door and More, our experienced technicians are available at all times to assess the situation and find a solution. We’ll help you determine which repairs, replacements or installations you need to get your business back on track.


Why Choose Garage Door and More?

At Garage Door and More, we have a wide selection of Clopay® commercial garage door styles to suit your needs:

We also carry a variety of specialty products and accessories, such as chain hoists and operators.

Garage Door and More is one of the leading garage door service companies in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in garage door repairs, including commercial and overhead door replacements and fixes. We’re committed to getting the job done right, which is why you can enjoy our 90-day labor warranty and five-year parts warranty on every project. Our customer service team is available to walk you through every step of our repair and installation processes.


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At Garage Door and More, we have high-quality garage door products and services at the best prices for your budget. Check out our selection of Clopay commercial garage doors in Charlotte, NC, to find the one that’s right for you. Call us today and schedule a free estimate or request a service call to get started!


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