Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

Broken garage door spring repair is one of the most common repairs we do – they lift the majority of the weight, and are what cause the door to open and close smoothly.

There are two types of springs – extension springs and torsion springs.


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Types of Garage Door Springs

The most common type of springs are torsion springs, and it is extremely important to make sure that these springs are in good shape and tuned up. Springs have a limited lifespan and without proper maintenance, springs will eventually break – causing your garage door to malfunction. Broken springs can be extremely dangerous, causing garage door cables to snap, damage your electronic opener, or cause your garage door to stop, get stuck, or worse of all, drop and cause irreparable damage.

A garage door’s spring is measured in cycles (opening and closing your door counts as one cycle). On average, a garage door spring has a 10,000-cycle lifespan. The more frequently you use your garage door, the shorter the lifespan. For instance – if you use your garage door twice a day, the lifespan of the spring is approximately 14 years. If you use your garage door 4 times a day, the expectancy drops to 7 years, and so forth.

If you suspect that you need broken garage door spring repair, it is critical that you contact a professional. Attempting to adjust or replace springs yourself is extremely dangerous and can result in severe injury if not done by a trained professional. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in garage door spring replacements, along with any other garage door needs.


Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

Most garage door springs break down because of long-term wear and tear. Using your garage door every day strains the springs, and they can become looser over time. 

Another reason you may need to fix a broken garage door spring is rust. Corrosion weakens the spring, and a rusty spring may break or become less effective. 

Finally, your garage door springs may break without proper maintenance. Many people don’t realize they need to care for their garage door springs by doing simple things like lubricating them and checking their doors for balance.


How Can You Identify Problems With Your Springs? 

If a spring breaks, your garage door issue becomes apparent, but you can identify problems in other ways. When your garage door stops opening, that could be a sign of a spring issue. If you disconnect the door from the garage door opener and you can’t open the door manually, it may also be a spring problem. 


Replacing Your Garage Door Springs

Many people wonder if they need to replace both springs at the same time. We recommend getting two new ones for broken spring replacement. If you only replace one, you may throw your door off balance because one spring will be new and tight while the other is slightly looser.

North Carolina garage door spring replacement expenses can vary depending on many factors, including: 

  • The make and model of your garage door. 
  • Whether you need any other repairs done. 
  • The company you choose for your garage door repairs. 

When you select Garage Door and More, you receive straightforward pricing along with our friendly service. Your price could range from $150 to $350, and we will explain what’s behind the cost. 


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