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How to Open Garage Door Manually

How to Open Garage Door Manually

While many garages use automatic garage door openers, manually opening the door allows you to access your garage when the opener isn’t working. Learn why you may need to open your garage door manually and how to open it safely.


Why Do You Need to Open Your Garage Door Manually?

When you have bad weather, it’s common for the power to go out. The downside to the power going out is not opening your garage door as you typically would, because the garage door opener relies on electricity. You may need to open your garage door manually if you don’t have a battery-operated door opener, if the opener is broken or damaged in any way or if you lose power. 

There are many other reasons your garage door opener may not work. Fortunately, garage doors have the option of opening manually, giving you access to your garage in any situation.


How to Open Your Garage Door Manually

If your garage door isn’t opening when you use your automatic opener, you don’t have to worry. Modern garage doors have a manual method to open the door during emergencies to help you leave on time or access your stored belongings. Here are some ways you can open a garage door manually without power.


1. Open From the Inside

When you need to leave the garage with your car but the door won’t open automatically, you can try opening the door manually from the inside. Before attempting to open the door, ensure it’s completely closed to avoid injuries and other incidents. If your door has manual deadbolts, check if someone engaged the locks. Sometimes, locked deadbolts are the only reason the door won’t open.

Once you confirm the door is closed and the deadbolts are not engaged, you can follow these steps to open the door safely and efficiently:

  1. Unplug the power source for the garage door opener.
  2. Locate the emergency release cord (ERC), usually a red cord or handle hanging from the center of the door track.
  3. Pull the ERC to disengage the door from the garage door opener, allowing you to move the door manually.
  4. Find the manual handle on the garage door and lift the door until it stops moving. Ensure it’s in a stable open position before letting go and walking through the pathway or moving the car.
  5. Close the door slowly using the handle on the outside of the door.


2. Open From the Outside

If you’re arriving home and find the automatic garage door opener isn’t working, you can manually open the door from the outside. Garage doors should have an emergency release kit stored on the top center of the door with an emergency release cord. Once you locate the kit, you can follow these steps to open your garage door from the outside:

  1. Find the key in the kit and use it to unlock the tumbler that contains the ERC.
  2. Pull the ERC to disconnect the door from the door opener.
  3. Unlock the manual lock on the outside of the door. Turn the key in the lock, then turn the handle next to it vertically.
  4. Grab the vertical handle and the one at the bottom of the door to lift the door open. Confirm it’s stable before walking underneath or moving your car into the garage.
  5. Close the door from the inside by gently pulling the handle on the door.

Whenever you close a garage door manually, lock the door with the metal manual lock to protect your garage and home.


What Happens If the Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Work?

Your garage door opener makes entering and leaving your garage accessible, but when it stops working, what do you do? Fortunately, you can continue using your garage by opening the doors manually. When the door opener isn’t working, you can have an expert garage door technician inspect the system and provide a solution. Your garage door opener will work again soon when you schedule a professional garage door opener repair service.


Contact Garage Door and More for Expert Service

If you’re manually opening your garage door because the automatic garage door opener broke, Garage Door and More can help. Our expert technicians can provide high-quality and honest service to ensure your door opener works efficiently. They understand different garage door opener models and can provide fast and effective solutions.

When you’re ready to use your garage door opener again, schedule a garage door opener repair service with Garage Door and More.



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