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Garage Door Repair Services Near You

You rely on your garage door to open and close reliably. It welcomes your home and protects what’s most important. Since a garage door completes lift cycles thousands of times throughout its lifespan, the mechanisms and construction are bound to wear down eventually.

At Garage Door and More, we specialize in complete repairs for garage doors. Our technicians are trained to mend or replace every system in a garage door, including:

If your garage door has a broken component, is not operating correctly or has stopped working entirely, we’re here to diagnose and fix the issue. We’ve solved noisy garage doors, openers that stop and start, and countless other problems. 

Professional Garage Door Repair Services in Charlotte, NC

Do-it-yourself garage door repair jobs are not a good idea. Only a professional can provide:

  • Safety. It’s unsafe to try repairing your garage door without the proper tools and training. Touching electrical wires can cause injuries, and garage door springs are under immense tension, so the doors themselves are extremely heavy. Call an experienced technician at Garage Door and More to take care of the problem before you go on a ladder.
  • Peace of mind. You can’t cross your fingers and hope that a misaligned, dented or malfunctioning garage door can do its primary job — securing your home. As a fully insured company, we supply a five-year warranty with every replacement part we install. 
  • Affordability. We’ve traveled to many homes around Charlotte, NC, for garage door repair after our clients didn’t call at the first sign of trouble or attempted the repairs themselves. Sometimes this leads to worse issues and a more costly fix. At Garage Door and More, we have high-quality replacement parts at low prices. We can make expert recommendations and repairs that return your door to its full strength and efficiency.

Our Expert Garage Door Repair Services in Charlotte

When you contact us to schedule an at-home visit and receive a quote, we’ll arrive on time to complete an initial inspection of your garage door. We’ll share the most sensible solutions, and often we have what’s required for a same-day fix. Our technicians can service any make and model of a garage door or lift device.

You can also make our services part of a routine maintenance plan. Our inspections will identify worn parts and potential issues before they become safety, security or structural risks, helping you avoid sudden breakdowns altogether.

Your Trusted Source for Garage Door Repair in the Charlotte Area

We’re humble recipients of HomeAdvisor’s Elite Service Award and many favorable reviews from past clients, so let our family at Garage Door and More solve your repair needs. If it’s time to upgrade your garage door, our technicians can complete a prompt installation of a beautiful, new door or efficient opener system covered by a warranty.

Use our online form or call 980-263-0092 to schedule a service request, and a friendly team member will provide a fast, competitive quote.

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