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How to Maintain Your Garage Door

How to Maintain Your Garage Door

Your garage door keeps your home safe while increasing its curb appeal. Garage door maintenance is vital to keeping the door operating efficiently. Spending an hour once or twice a year to inspect your garage door can extend its life span.

Learn why garage door maintenance is essential and how to maintain your garage door.


Why Is Garage Door Maintenance Important?

Using garage doors is second nature for many people. While using the doors is standard, securing their condition with garage door maintenance is often overlooked. Regularly checking the condition of your garage door can help you spot minor issues and fix them, preventing major problems later on.

Garage door maintenance can help keep your family and home safe. When performing preventive care, check for wear and tear throughout every part of your garage door system. As long as your garage doors have been working efficiently, you may only need to perform maintenance on your garage doors once or twice a year. In addition to the door’s maintenance, you can also perform garage door opener maintenance. Ensuring your garage door opener works efficiently can help you save time and money.

Performing garage door maintenance and staying alert throughout the year helps you avoid potential incidents.


5 Tips for Garage Door Maintenance

You should complete several tasks to ensure the doors work efficiently and safely. Here are five tips for how you can maintain your garage door.


1. Inspect Your Garage Door

One of the first steps to perform preventive maintenance on your garage door is to inspect the door. You can look for marks of rust or dents on the door, then move to focus on the door’s functionality. 

Observe how it moves and sounds when you open and close it. Does the door move smoothly or have a jerky motion? Does it sound louder than usual? Garage doors are generally quiet when they move, so if it seems to have gotten noisier, it could indicate a door component may be misaligned. While you’re checking how well the door functions, you can also ensure both sides of the system are symmetrical.


2. Perform Safety Tests

Performing safety tests is a vital maintenance step to ensure your safety while using your garage doors. You can perform tests using your garage door opener and manually. When you test your doors using the opener, determine if the mechanical reverse feature and the sensors are working correctly. By testing the mechanisms, you ensure the doors stop moving and reverse direction when an object is in the door’s path.

When performing a manual safety test, check the garage door’s balance. After disconnecting the opener, you can manually open the door to see if it stays in place after letting go. If the door slips, it isn’t balanced, so you will need professional garage door service.


3. Service the Chain or Belt

Your garage door’s chain or belt could be loose if you hear groaning sounds when the door operates. To fix the chain or belt, you can apply a lubricant, tighten the bolts and clean them to remove debris or dirt prohibiting movement.


4. Inspect the Rollers

During maintenance checks, it’s vital to check the rollers for cracks or chips. If you find any damages to the rollers, they will need replacement. Ideally, rollers need replacement every five to seven years for optimal operation.

Be cautious of the bottom rollers if you need to replace them. They are connected to the lift cables, which have extreme tension, so you can’t replace them without a professional.


5. Check the Springs

Ensure your garage door springs are in their best condition by checking for breakage or rust. If your garage door uses extension springs, you’ll also have to check the retention cables. By checking the springs, you ensure the door can work properly. If you see any signs of damage, call professionals for garage door servicing.


Why Choose the Professionals at Garage Door and More?

Professional garage door services can help keep your garage door operating efficiently with garage door maintenance. At Garage Door and More, our experienced technicians can perform preventive maintenance. We are a family-owned business providing quality and honest garage door services at affordable prices to ensure our community receives the help they need.

When you need preventive maintenance or garage door repairs, rely on Garage Door and More. Speak with a representative when you contact us today to inquire about garage door maintenance.



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