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Taking a Closer Look at Wood Carriage Garage Doors

Considering wood carriage garage doors for your home?


Wood carriage garage doors are a popular option, especially for people who want a hint of an old-fashioned style in an otherwise modern home. But wooden doors come in up-to-date styles, too. Let’s take a look at some of the available layouts


The first garage door option: Old-school theme garage

Two car wooden garage

This door has that country feel to it, doesn’t it? The swing-arm lock in the middle does just what the name implies—makes the door swing open. Just flip over the lock, and the doors will open to the sides. Just be aware that this style of door does not go all the way to the ground.


The second garage door option: Sliding garage door with windows.

Traditional Garage Door

This more modern-looking door can be a nice complement to homes with stone, brick, or vinyl siding exteriors. This door provides the owner the ability to pull up and slide as needed. Just under the light on the right, you can see a pin pad that gives you an alternative way into the garage. Windows at the top of the door not only let natural light in, but also give the exterior a fresh, modern look.

Yes, the first example has a traditional look and simple, straight-forward functionality, while the second one takes advantage of modern technology and a new, up-to-date style, yet both feature attractive wooden construction. Either would complement any modern home. The question is which wood carriage garage doors might best fit your vision for your home?




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