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The Lifespan of Garage Doors

How Long Do Garage Doors Last?

Garage doors are a vital part of your home that adds to your property’s aesthetic and curb appeal. They often are an entryway to your house and can secure your car and other belongings. Over time, your garage doors will endure wear and tear. Regular maintenance can help prevent damages and ensure your garage doors have a long life span.

Learn about the life span of garage doors, how to maintain your doors and when it may be time to replace them.


What Is the Life Span of a Garage Door?

Most garage doors can have an average life span of 15-30 years, depending on the material and structure of the doors. Other factors affecting your garage door’s life can include the door’s quality upon purchase and how often you use it. Additionally, the environmental conditions and maintenance it endures over the years can contribute to your garage door’s life span. 


How to Extend Your Garage Door’s Life Span

If you want to extend your garage door’s lifespan, you can have regular maintenance completed throughout the year. Maintenance ensures all components of the doors are working correctly, including the springs, cables and tracks. You can keep your garage doors secure with consistent maintenance. Here are some garage door parts that benefit from preventive maintenance:

  • Springs: The springs are integral components for your garage doors because they help open and close the doors. When you schedule regular maintenance, a professional can check the springs for wear and tear. Professionals can also apply lubricant to the springs, hinges and other components to ensure they can move without restriction.
  • Tracks: The tracks keep the doors open and prevent them from falling. Sometimes, debris and cracks can appear. Preventive maintenance involves looking over the tracks and removing debris preventing your doors from working properly. A professional can also ensure the tracks are aligned to be straight and tight.
  • Cables: Cables and pulleys help safely lift and lower garage doors by connecting the springs and the doors. Checking regularly for wear and tear on the cables can help prevent accidents.

Having your garage door serviced can keep your door operating safely and increase its life span. To keep your garage doors in their prime condition, have them serviced at least once annually. If you have additional trouble with your door, you can request servicing more often.


When to Replace Your Garage Door

While your garage door can last for years, there is a time when it will reach the end of its life span. If you are unsure if you need to replace your garage door, look for these key signs indicating it’s time to find a new door:

  • The door no longer opens or closes properly.
  • You notice broken or rusted parts throughout the whole system.
  • There are several cracks, dents or other damages on the door.
  • The door poses a safety hazard that you can’t fix.


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