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Homeowners Insurance For Garage Doors, Are You Covered?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Garage Doors? This is a great question and the answer is, it depends!

Just what you wanted to hear, right? It depends. Nothing like some ambiguity to start an article. Just know, this has everything to do with your insurance policy.

Let’s start with what is typically not covered by homeowners insurance when it comes to garage door repair.


Is Garage Door Damage Covered By Homeowners Insurance? 

Garage door general wear and tear is not covered by insurance. Things break over time and insurance typically isn’t in the business of protecting that. Sure if it is a new garage door, then you may have a warranty, but that’s different as the company that installed the door or the company that made the door would be the one protecting you. But when it comes to simple wear and tear, you are better off having a garage door company conduct a routine maintenance review of your garage one or two times per year.


Flood and Hail Damage To Your Garage Door

This is one where some homeowner insurance policies will cover garage door damage. But it usually comes down to the provisions in the policy. For example, if a flood is the root cause of the garage door issue and you aren’t protected by floods in your homeowner policy, you may, unfortunately, be out of luck. But if it was say a hail storm that damaged your garage, perhaps there is a provision that allows for natural disasters (even minor natural occurrences) to cover your garage damage.


Does Insurance Cover Garage Door Break In?

If the cause of damage to your garage door was due to malicious behavior, chances are your homeowners insurance policy will cover the damage. Maybe the window was broke or maybe someone painted on your garage or maybe they took a crowbar to the garage. Either way, the insurance policy on your home should have you protected. As always, you must read the fine print of your policy to be certain.


Does Insurance Cover Garage Door Vehicle Accidents?

It happens. You bump into the garage door with your car. Not good! Your car is probably damaged too. Which makes this a double whammy. The good news is your homeowners policy could cover this sort of damage to your garage. Just try not to do this too many times! If someone else rams your garage door, their auto liability policy may cover it.

So yes, it all depends and so yes, that is annoying! Property and casualty agents can help you understand what is and what isn’t covered by your homeowners insurance policy. A garage door consultant can also help you ask the questions to your insurance agent so you can get to the bottom of what your liability is, what are the next steps, and ultimately getting your garage door repaired!



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