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Garage Door Weather Stripping and More

Do you ever do a double-take in the mirror, saying “hey, when did my hair get so gray?” Or, if you’re not quite there yet, maybe you’re surprised to discover you need a haircut. Or, look here, freckles! Since when did I have freckles?

The point is that gradual changes are easy to overlook. With that in mind, go outside and look really closely at your garage door. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Okay, you’re back.

What did you see? I doubt your garage door needs a haircut, but you likely saw a door ding or some chipped paint you’d never noticed before. Maybe the paint is fading. Maybe the bottom seal or the weather stripping is loose. Here in the Charlotte area, summers are hot enough that the color on that weather stripping could melt, which looks pretty ugly.

These kinds of issues are rarely a big deal, but you’ll want to deal with them sooner or later—and you don’t want to suddenly realize that years of dings and issues have added up un-noticed and now your garage door looks awful!

You can probably fix a lot of small issues yourself, but unless you actually enjoy the work, it’s better to hire a professional—and while that professional is there, he or she can do a routine inspection, too, to make sure you’re up-to-date on maintenance and that your door is in safe working order.

Take care of two issues at once, in other words.

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