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Is Your Garage Door Slamming Shut?

2 Reasons Your Garage Door Slams ShutResidential garage doors in NC

A properly functioning garage door closes by gently touching the ground. Hearing a loud slam when your door closes indicates there’s an issue that should be fixed as soon as possible. 

If your garage door slams shut, the professionals at Garage Door and More can properly diagnose the problem and resolve it so that you enjoy quiet and reliable garage door operation. Garage Door and More is proud to serve homeowners in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.


Why Does My Garage Door Slam Shut?

If your garage door slams loudly, there may be a few reasons:


1. You May Need New Garage Door Springs

The most common causes of slamming garage doors are broken, malfunctioning and faulty springs.  Springs hold your overhead door’s weight and create enough tension to lower it in a controlled manner. However, that tension only comes from strong, well-maintained parts. Springs can break under high stress while closing, and they become weaker over time. 

Most springs last for 5000 to about 20,000 cycles of the door opening and closing. After this lifespan, they may start to lose tension or may simply fail. When the springs are too weak for the weight of your garage door, they may not hold the weight as needed, so a slamming garage door is an early sign of failure.

Slamming garage doors can also be a sign of malfunctioning springs, which we recommend replacing as soon as possible. Snapping springs will render your door inoperable until they’re fixed, but they can also become projectiles when they break.


2. You May Have Loose Chains

Automatic garage doors have a chain that also supports your door. Like a spring, the chain can loosen over time, creating slack and providing less tension, which makes your door close faster and harder. If you hear the door slam, notice that the chain looks loose or hear it knocking against other parts, the chain may be loose.


When to Call a Professional

If your garage door slams shut, it will need repairs to fix the problem. Wear and tear cannot resolve itself, and garage door repair is never a do-it-yourself project. Specifically, a slamming overhead door and worn springs present several dangers, so we recommend calling a garage door repair professional immediately. A team member at Garage Door and More can properly diagnose the problem and fix it before it causes further damage.

A slamming garage door is more than a nuisance. Over time, it can cause damage to the bottom of your garage door and place strain on the frame and door itself, shortening the expected lifespan of your garage entry. It’s more cost-effective to replace the springs or other parts now.

What if your garage door slamming shut has been an ongoing issue? If the door has closed hard for a long time, it may have already caused damage. In this situation, the best solution may be to replace the entire garage door to ensure you’re replacing all damaged parts and preventing further problems.


How to Prevent Your Garage Door From Slamming

While waiting for professional repairs, you can reduce the opener’s close force settings. Check your garage door opener manual to see if this is possible with your model. This adjustment is a temporary solution and does not replace the need for immediate repair work, but it can reduce damage to your door while you wait for technicians. You may also want to avoid using your garage door until it can be properly diagnosed to avoid injury and property damage.

Proper maintenance can also help you prevent issues that stem from wear and tear in the future. Talk to one of our technicians about how planned maintenance can benefit you long term. 


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