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How Your Garage Door Prevents Break-Ins

Break-ins can happen to anyone that is not careful, here are a few ways that your garage door can prevent break-ins. 

Many families carefully lock their front and back doors but pay little attention to their home’s largest entry-point—the garage door.  Although a door in good working order is not an easy place to break in, these three simple steps are a great way to make your home even safer.

1. Keep Track of Your Garage Door Opener

Your portable garage door opener makes getting into your house as easy as one click—which is a problem, if the opener falls into the wrong hands. So make sure this helpful device stays in your hands. Don’t lose your opener.

2. Check the Door to Your Garage

Your attached garage has two doors, remember, the one the car drives through and the other one that leads to your house. Many families rely on the garage door for security and treat the other door to the garage as an interior door, leaving it unlocked. That’s fine, until somebody forgets to close the garage door. Before bed, or before going out, double-check that the garage door is really closed, or that the other door between house and garage is locked—or both.

3. Secure the Emergency Release Cord

Many garage doors can be opened by using a coat hanger to activate the emergency release cord (thieves know how to do this). Defeat the thieves by adding a zip-tie or a lock to the hole where the release cord goes, especially before going away for an extended period, like on vacation.

Taking care of your garage door is one of the most important factors when keeping your home safe. Be sure to keep up with maintenance on your garage door and use proper safety measures to protect your home from unwanted visitors. Here at Garage Door and More, we want to help keep your family safe and sound.  




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