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Garage Door Inspection

What a Garage Door Repair Company Does versus What a Home Inspector Does When It Comes to Your Garage Door Inspection

Here at Garage Door and Morewe take a lot of pride in making sure your garage door and your garage door opener operate safely and silently. It is our goal and our passion! 

Part of what we do is routine maintenance to help your unit last longer. But we also inspect your equipment to make sure everything is working properly and to find the exact cause of any issues that may exist. When we fix an issue, we want it to stay fixed, and that means going to the source of the problem.  

Home inspectors also look at garage doors. And home inspectors provide a lot of value. But a home inspector isn’t looking into the specifics of a garage door. Let’s look at what a home inspector does and what we do and compare.  

Home Inspector 

Home inspector’s job is to observe and report what is visible. To that end, the Inspector will:  

  • Check the reverse mechanism by obstructing the infrared sensors while the door is closing. If the mechanism works, the door will stop and reverse. 
  • Check the pressure sensor or tolerance sensor by putting something in the way of the closing door. The door should stop and reverse if it meets resistance. 
  • Check the seal around the door and bottom. If there is light coming through around or under the door, you could end up with energy loss and critters entering your garage. 

All this checking is good, but it’s very basic. It’s not to say the home inspector does a bad job–it’s just that if you want your garage door to work properly and be safe, you need a garage door expert.

Our Garage Door Inspection 

When we perform a safety inspection, we thoroughly check both the garage door and the opener, beginning with the overall condition—hinges, panel, windows, and so on. Then, we start our multi-point safety inspection: 

  • Check the integrity of the cables. If the cables are rusty, frayed, painted on, or kinked, it is a serious safety hazard and needs to be taken care of immediately. Cables are your life-line. If they break, the door will have no support from the lift system and will fall straight down. This article became necessary to write after we analyzed a garage door that a home inspector just inspected and gave no signs of an issue being present. Here are the pictures- on Instagram. You can see the cable hanging by a thread.
  • Check the lift system. The lift system consists of springs, drums, end bearings, center bearing, and a torsion tube, each of which must be inspected for wear or damage individually. 
  • Check the springs by lifting the door and feeling how balanced it is. If the door feels heavy, the springs have worn out and the whole weight is hanging on the opener and could damage it and release the door. 
  • Check the rollers. The rollers carry the panels in the track, but many doors come with cheap rollers that cause drag and wear out quickly. 
  • Check the garage door opener itself, including the gear and sprocket assembly, the electrical components, and the trolley and the chain (or belt or screw). 

Proper maintenance, including looking for and finding any and all problems before they become serious is very important. Remember that garage doors are very large overhead systems that can weigh anywhere from 70 to 500 pounds, or sometimes more! Our goal is to keep you and your family safe and to save you from injury or the hassle and expense of a major repair or replacement. That is our goal—and our passion! 

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