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Garage Door Color Decisions

Does Garage Door Color Matter? You Bet it Does.

Garage Door and More is not an exterior or interior designer. But we do repair, replace, and install garage doors. We know all that goes into it. From functionality, type, size, handles, openers, and yes, colors! Which leads us to just that… garage door color.  

You could be choosing your garage door color for a new install or for an old garage door that needs a fresh look. Sorting through the color options is a challenge by itself. 

From our experience and research, we realize there is no one way to do this. Sure, there are those that have strong opinions on the subject and many of them make sense. But in the end, it’s your house, your decision. 

So let’s explore some garage door coloring ideas that you can use for your new or refined garage door. 


1. Match the Garage Door Color to Your Front Door and Shutters 

This is one of those choices that just works. It’s a common strategy. It’s similar to matching your dresser color in your room to the door of your closet. Chances are you have three main colors to your home. And the garage is no different. Your brick or siding could be neutral, your trim could be brighter or darker and your doors (including garage) and shutters could be the pop color. 


2. Choosing a Color to Blend with the Rest of your Home 

Another standard style is to not bring the attention to the garage door. Simply put, the brick or the siding would be a similar color as the garage door. Homeowners and designers do this when they would rather focus on the architect’s work. Another way this makes sense is if your garage door isn’t in an ideal location or you just don’t love your garage door—although, we should change that if that’s the case. You could still pick a different color for your garage door, but it could be a neutral color. 


3. Work with Natural Materials 

A modern style is using more natural and authentic materials. Rich wood tones are very in and have an opportunity to look great. A wooden garage door if done right and if it works with the house, in general, is a look many go for these days. Besides being trendy, it’s a timeless look. Which means you won’t have to change your door in ten years. You will just need to keep up with garage door maintenance. 


4. Back to the Pop! Go with a Contrasting Color  

Do you like to make something stand out? Maybe the garage door is it! Have fun with it. Why not, right? Now you don’t want to upset the neighbors or the homeowners association—yes we have seen that be a problem before. But do you, while keeping those around you on your side. When you roll up to your house, is a different color garage door going to make you happy?  

There are many decisions to make with your garage door. And one of the last ones you may think about is color (unless you are building a home). But garages nowadays have two or three spots. So it’s big. The color you choose will impact the look of your house in a major way.  

Choose wisely! 


Call us today if you need help installing that new, colorful garage door!

Image of Garage Door was taken by Door Doctor under the Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 License



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