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Protecting Your Garage from Flooding

Has your garage been affected by the recent flooding in the Matthews area? 

If you happened to look out the window recently, you probably noticed that it’s been a little wetter than usual. Areas in Matthews, Weddington, Gastonia, and Belmont have experienced flooding in the past few days, with considerable damage to homes in these areas.

As unpredictable as the weather can be, there are steps you can take to better ensure that your garage and your home will be protected against flooding. Here are three steps you can take to prepare your garage for the fury of Mother Nature.

Monthly Inspections

Go over every inch of your garage door to make sure there are no cracks, dents, holes, or anything else that it could compromise the integrity of the garage door. Don’t forget the rubber strip that is attached to the bottom–this strip is your first line of defense against water entering your garage, so if the seal is worn out, broken, or damaged in any way, get it replaced ASAP.

While you’re at it, inspect the entire garage! North Carolina is notorious for its extreme temperature swings October to April, and these temperature swings cause materials like drywall and concrete to expand and contract rapidly. The stress causes cracks that grow over time. If you do notice any cracks, this guide takes you through some easy steps to repair them.

Install Overhead Storage Racks in Your Garage

Keep equipment and other belongings off the garage floor. Not only will these racks create more space in your garage, they will protect your valuables in the event of a flood. Another good idea is to use plastic containers for storage.

Get Sandbags and Flood Barriers

Sandbags and flood barriers block or divert water away from garage doors and other entrances/low points of your home. If you live along a coastline, riverbank, lakeshore, or other flood-prone areas, your local government will provide sandbags for free, if flooding seems imminent. Take advantage of this opportunity and grab as many as you need to stack around your garage door and other entrances to your home.

Unfortunately, natural disasters happen and they can happen quickly. Being proactive in defending your garage door and home can pay off when the weather decides to get ugly. Taking these measures will minimize the damage to your home and belongings and give you peace of mind if, and when, these disasters happen.

If you are in the Matthews area (or nearby) and have been affected by the recent flooding, we can help repair your garage door and prevent future damage!



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