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Clopay® Residential Garage Doors in Charlotte, NC

If your residential garage door is broken or rusting away, it may be clear to you that you need to buy a new one. However, even if your garage door isn't broken, you may still want to replace it. There are more benefits to buying a new door than you may realize. At Garage Door and More, we offer a range of Clopay residential garage doors to benefit Charlotte, North Carolina, homeowners like you.

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Buy a New Garage Door in Charlotte, NC

Here are just a few popular reasons, out of many, why you might choose to buy a new garage door for your home:

  • To increase value and curb appeal: When you sell your home, you can list at a higher price when your home has a great appearance, and a large part of that appearance is the garage door. A new garage produces the best return-on-investment (ROI) when we talk about resale.
  • To replace a malfunctioning residential garage door: If your current garage door is broken, chances are, it’s not safe to be around. Old and worn-out parts render heavy garage doors dangerous. It’s best to get a broken door replaced or repaired as soon as possible before someone gets hurt trying to manually open or shut it.
  • To enhance energy efficiency and insulation: Newer residential garage doors from Clopay can provide industry-leading R-values up to 20.4. In terms of energy efficiency and insulation, this is an excellent standard! Having less extreme temperatures in the winter and summer will protect any appliances, pipes and other items inside the garage you want to keep efficient.
  • To improve home security: New, heavily insulated garage doors perform much better than old, thin, worn-out doors. Many new garage doors also come with upgraded technology to protect against intrusions.


Learn More About Garage Door Replacement Options

Which Garage Door Style Do You Like? From traditional designs to a contemporary flare, the garage door you choose can improve your curb appeal and increase the value of your home. We install any brand or model of garage door: whether you’ve already selected your replacement garage door or you need help choosing the right design, give us a call for a free estimate. Learn more about your garage door replacement options & recommended brands below.

The traditional garage door is manufactured in wood, steel, or vinyl and can be customized in a variety of panel styles. These doors are available in long or short designs, a unique assortment of decorative window designs, and up to eight factory-finished paint colors.



This style is inspired by historic carriage house doors that swing, fold or slide. These doors can actually swing out or look like they swing out, but are equip with the latest in overhead garage door operation technology.



A contemporary garage door is designed with clean lines and classic functional details. They are manufactured in either wood, steel, glass, or aluminum. These are unique doors that give off a sleek look to match any contemporary-styled house.


A steel carriage house garage door is just like the wood model except you get the reliability and durability of steel. There are styles to choose from such as full or half crossbuck panels, solid top panels, or windows.

Deciding to purchase a new garage door isn’t something homeowners do very often, so it important to get help from a garage door replacement expert familiar with the different brands, styles, and options available. Here at Garage Door and More, we want to make the process simple, fast, and affordable. We install any brand or model of garage door: whether you’ve already selected your replacement garage door or you need help choosing the right design, give us a call for a free estimate. You may also want to see our portfolio here for more garage door ideas.

Our Installation is completely comprehensive and includes:

  • In-home measurements and project assessment
  • We’ll haul away your old door upon completion of the project
  • 90 Day warranty on labor

Find the Perfect Garage Door Style for Your Home

As a Clopay® Master Authorized Dealer®, Garage Door and More delivers superior products and customer service.

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