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It’s Time Garage Door Maintenance Made The List

Everyone loves a to-do list, so why not a garage door maintenance to-do list?

Is garage door maintenance on your regular to-do list? Be honest. No judging. 

You’ve thought about it. 

And the answer?  

It’s not. It’s not on most people’s regular to-do list. I’m in the garage door business and I get it. There are seemingly more important things to take on in your house.  

But I’m here to tell you, garage door maintenance should be on your regular to-do list. There are a few things you should do every single year to keep your garage door functioning. 

Garage Door Maintenance To-Do’s 

1. Lubricate the garage door 

Lubrication is important for moving metal. Think your house doors or your. Your garage door is no different. The sheer size of your garage door makes lubrication critical. Everything from the roller tracks to the hinges require WD-40 or a garage door specific solvent. You can lubricate the pulleys on extension-spring openers and the bearings on torsion-spring openers. You can even wipe a little oil on the torsion spring if it is rusty and binds up. Wipe clean the garage parts that you can reach. Finally, apply a light oil, such as a 3-in-1 lubricant, to the same parts. 

2. Clean the rollers and hinges 

If any rollers or hinges are stuck or feel stuck, try to soak them in some kerosene. By using a small brush, you can work the kerosene into the cracks. Of course you will want to remove any rust and you can do this with steel wool. From there, wipe clean all the parts that you repaired and then apply a lubricant like discussed in number one above. 

3. Garage Door opener maintenance 

Garage door maintenance is often needed on the garage door opener. If your garage door opener is operated by a drive screw or chain, then apply the lubricant you have been using.  

4. Check weather stripping 

Be sure to check any weather stripping along the sides of the garage door. At this point you will want to adjust the strips if it is jamming against the sides, and replace the stripping if necessary.  

5. Wooden garage doors require seal or paint 

If your garage door is wood and it doesn’t have bottom weather stripping (many don’t), make sure it has been sealed or painted. Touch up the seal or paint as needed and consider adding weather stripping. 

Garage door maintenance maybe wasn’t on your list before, but it is now. Perhaps all this seems like too much or a project you would rather not tackle. That’s okay. It’s why we exist.

Give us a call and we can handle all your garage door maintenance. 




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