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How to Tell Fake Google Reviews from Real Ones?

Checking the google reviews before hiring a service professional is a must. This article explains how you can be sure those reviews are accurate. 

How do you find a good garage door repair company—or any service provider, really? If you look up reviews on Google, you’re in good company. So many people use Google reviews, in fact, that many companies buy fake reviews. How can you tell real customer reviews from fake ones? Read and find out!

  1. Too Many Stars

Does the company have mostly five-star reviews and a couple of one-stars? Chances are the five-stars are fake. Real reviews vary, but they tend to vary around a certain range. A good company might have mostly fours and fives, a couple of threes, and maybe a one or two. A bad company might have mostly ones and twos, the occasional three, and maybe an isolated four or five. Sophisticated review generators might mimic more natural variation, or might plant fake bad reviews on the competition, so counting stars isn’t fool-proof. You’ll have to look for other signs, too.

  1. Generic or Nonsensical Reviews

Real reviews are written by people with a story to tell. They have detail, personality, and they make sense. Fake reviews are often vague because the writer has never used the company in question. Awkward, inconsistent writing (as if the review were pasted together from multiple sources), or anything that seems weird (who lists a garage repair company as their favorite business EVER?) is a red flag.

  1. Repetition, Over and Over

If you do a search on the text of the review and see it come up, word for word, for other companies, the review is obviously fake. If the reviewer has an actual human face for a profile pic (as opposed to a smiley-face or some other image) do a search of the image. It may be a stock photo of a model, or the picture may have been stolen. Real google reviews aren’t written by face-thieves. Also check to see what other reviews were posted by that profile—too many reviews, or reviews in too many different places (most folks keep their plumbing and their garage doors in the same state) is generally a bad sign.

Not all fake review operations are alike. Most fake reviews are written by large marketing companies that specialize in such things, but some are written by the staff of the business itself or by their friends or family posing as customers. Some companies post real testimonials from real customers as reviews, but that’s still a problem because it doesn’t give you an accurate picture of how many customers like or dislike the company. You might also see real customers paid to write positive reviews. In some cases, the company might not be aware that somebody is posting fake reviews, though that’s rare (somebody must be paying for the reviews, after all). Whatever the circumstance, companies with fake reviews are not always bad service providers, the problem is that you can’t tell one way or the other without finding real, genuine information. If you find a fake review, there may be others and it’s usually best to call a different company instead.



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