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A Story About a Garage Door Accident and Teenagers

Garage Door Accident | It Happens

You arrive home from work after a long day on the job. You park your car in front of your garage, like usual, and go inside. You take a seat on the couch to relax for a couple of minutes. It’s been a tough day.  

In comes your 17-year-old daughter, asking to borrow your car so she can go to her friend’s house. Not thinking twice, you hand her the keys. She’s a good kid. A couple minutes later, you hear a loud BANG. That noise didn’t come from the TV 

You know what has just happened.  

Your daughter put the car in “drive” instead of “reverse.” 

You run outside and find your daughter intact and your garage door somewhat less so. The car has a few scratches and a small dent. 

The first thing to do is to take a few deep breaths, give your daughter a hug, and make sure she is okay. After all, accidents happen. Next, you turn to the garage door and realize it’s totaled. How are you going to find a good company to handle the replacement? 

There are a lot of garage door repair companies out there, and ultimately the choice is up to you. But there are steps you can take to increase your chance of finding someone both affordable and reputable, and we’re here to help you read up on those steps. 

Now, if only parenting teenagers were that easy! 

Here are articles on how to find a garage door company to help with the garage door accident: 


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Image of Teenage Driver was taken by StateFarm under the Attribution 2.0 Generic License



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