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Why You Should Hire a Professional for Garage Door Repair

We do garage door repair in the Charlotte, NC area and are here to tell you why you should hire a professional the next time you need garage door service.   You can probably do a lot of garage door repairs yourself—so why shouldn’t you? We’re not here to tell you what you can’t do. If you enjoy DIY projects and you have the skills and the tools you need, then go for it. But many people assume that fixing something by themselves is the simpler, cheaper option, and in most cases the reverse is actually true. Think about how most do-it-yourself repairs actually work. First […]

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Broken Garage Door Sensors and Other Puzzles

Broken Garage Door Sensors Happen Maybe your garage door won’t close. Maybe it won’t open. Maybe it opens when you don’t want it to, or, for an extra-special treat, closes on command but then opens again right away. No, your garage door is not possessed—you may have broken garage door sensors or some other entirely mundane problem. In fact, there may be an easy fix you can apply yourself, or, if not, it won’t be anything that your friendly garage door repair specialist can’t handle. But if you want to fix it yourself, first you need to get an idea what kind […]

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Garage Door Damage From Baseballs

Yes, baseballs cause real garage door damage  As kids, my friends and I used to play backyard baseball every Saturday—but we wouldn’t play in the backyard. We always played in the driveway.   Why?   Simply put, we were lazy. We didn’t want to chase every wild pitch that my brother would throw, so we decided to use the garage door as a backstop.   My dad wasn’t a fan. Oh, he was all for us having fun and being active, he just didn’t like having to spend unnecessary money repairing the many dents and dings our games put in the door.  At the time, I thought he […]

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Local Garage Door Company Wants What Is Best For You

And you want the best from a garage door company. Do you know how to repair a garage door spring? Do you know why your garage door won’t open? Do you know how to install a new garage door?  I don’t mean to tell you how much you don’t know.  And I don’t mean to tell you how much about garage doors that I do know.  My point is, how do you know if a garage door repair person did a good job on your garage door repair or installation?   Sure, the work looks good. The garage door company seems reputable. You see […]

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Homeowners Insurance For Garage Doors, Are You Covered?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Garage Doors? This is a great question and the answer is, it depends! Just what you wanted to hear, right? It depends. Nothing like some ambiguity to start an article. Just know, this has everything to do with your insurance policy. Let’s start with what is typically not covered by homeowners insurance when it comes to garage door repair.   Is Garage Door Damage Covered By Homeowners Insurance?  Garage door general wear and tear is not covered by insurance. Things break over time and insurance typically isn’t in the business of protecting that. Sure if it is a new […]

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Finding a Garage Door Repair Company

A Garage Door Repair Company At Your Service Say you need your garage door fixed. Who are you going to call? Obviously, you want quality service at a fair price, but how do you know what that is? After all, not being a garage door repair company yourself, you don’t know what’s normal in the industry. You’re not even sure what questions to ask—you don’t know what you don’t know, as they say. Even worse, there are scams out there. How do you make sure the company you hire is on the up-and-up? Well, read on. What You’re Looking For In […]

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Garage Door Service Call Frustration

Afterall, a Garage Door Service Call is Probably Not Something You Look Forward To When you call a garage door company, chances are something is broken. Perhaps it’s a sensor, a remote, or a keypad, or maybe the entire garage door is damaged somehow. So, when you make that garage door service call, you are already annoyed. That’s understandable. When something breaks, it’s human nature to get frustrated. It’s also normal that if your call isn’t answered, or if the person on the other end of the line isn’t helpful, you’ll become even more frustrated. Which is why the process of garage door repair—and our […]

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A Garage Door Light Kind of Day

A Story About Fixing a Garage Door Light – Or So You Thought You arrive home well after dark. The garage door opens, as usual, but the light inside the garage doesn’t turn on. It’s supposed to. Changing lights, how hard can it be? Morning comes. Followed by coffee, a workout, kids’ stuff. And now—the honey-do list! Number-one on the list is to fix that darn garage door light. You figure you’ll get the easiest item done first. You make your way out into the garage and take a look at the light. And suddenly you realize you need a ladder. You don’t […]

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Garage Door Noise? Have It Looked At

A story about some garage door noise. Ah, Sunday mornings in the Carolinas! In Charlotte, we have beautiful mornings in the spring and summer, perfect for going outside and enjoying the great weather and the pollen! But the pollen is for another blog post. Now, it’s time to play basketball.  One of your kids goes out to play. You’re standing in your kitchen, helping your other child when you hear a loud, creaky noise. What in the…?  “What was that?” you call out.  “I don’t know,” your son calls back. “I think the garage door is making noises.”  “Oh. Okay then.”  Only, not okay then.  Garage doors have […]

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Bad Tires and Garage Doors

A thought about car maintenance led me to create this analogy.  Bad tires and Garage Doors?? Just like your car, your garage door has moving parts that wear down and it can lead to costly repairs or replacements. Our philosophy here is to do the right thing, the right way! We believe in routine maintenance as a way to keep those costly repairs far away from YOU!! If your door is making unusual noises, jerking in a weird way, or just not acting right, give us a call! We will send one of our professional technicians to perform a thorough safety inspection and get your door to operate the right, safe […]

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