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A North Carolina Garage and Football

Looking to take your North Carolina Garage to the next level?


Your garage and football—an exciting combination, isn’t it? The fact is that your garage was designed for one thing (storing your car), but there’s no good reason not to use the space to do lots of things. Storing knick-knacks, working on carpentry projects, re-potting houseplants, all are excellent alternative uses for your garage. But one of the best possibilities for the space is surely as a football lounge. What a great place to watch the game–a North Carolina Garage (cave).

It’s ok if you can’t convert your garage into a dedicated man cave (or woman cave, if the football fan in your family happens to be female). Maybe you have things you need to store in there, including the car, and space is tight. That’s fine. Just make sure the area is organized efficiently, so as to eliminate clutter, then on game day, pull your car out into the driveway and get ready.

A little creativity makes the art of the quick change possible.

For example, you can put an old, comfortable couch on one side of your garage, perhaps tucked underneath some shelving to save space. A wall-mounted flat-screen TV (setting up service to the extra TV is not hard) doesn’t take up much space, either, though you might want to build a protective cabinet around yours, depending on what else goes on in your garage. Then, an hour or so before the game, move your car out of the way, roll out some carpet, pull the couch out where you can use it, plug in a mini-fridge or stock a cooler, and you are good to go. If the weather is nice, you can leave the door open and fire up the grill on the driveway (never grill in your garage; you do not want carbon monoxide poisoning).

The basic idea here is to take a look at what you have (how much space, how much time, and how much money) and find ways to make simple adjustments to give yourself a comfortable place to watch football with your friends. And that, friends and neighbors, is how you put garage and football in the same sentence.



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