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5 Garage Organization Ideas For Under $20

Who doesn’t like garage organization ideas at a low cost?!

It’s really easy for a garage to become cluttered. The good news is that it’s also easy to organize your garage! Whether you have a small or large garage, here are five simple garage organization ideas you can use today to make the most of your space—each garage organization idea costs less than $20 and is sure to make your life a little easier!


Garage Organization Idea #1

  • Wall-Mount Pigeon-hole Multi-Tape Dispenser

Scotch tape, masking tape, duct tape, packing tape…do you have half a dozen rolls of tape scattered in piles and drawers throughout your garage? How do you find the one you need? Click here for step-by-step directions on how to make this DIY tape organizer.

Project Cost: $15.00


Garage Organization Idea #2

  • Magnetic Strip Tool Rack

A strong magnet strip is really all you need to hold up anything from hammers and nails to paint brushes, scissors, and pliers. This handy strip will save you hours of time lost digging through drawers to find the tools you need. 

Project Cost: $12.00


Garage Organization Idea #3

  • Bungee Cord Ball Storage

This is a really simple way to store your sport balls and equipment. Start with a frame of the right size, then simply attach bungee cords! Brilliant. Get the free design files, courtesy of Eric Schleicher, here.

Project Cost: $19


Garage Organization Ideas #4

  • Nail and Screw Container

This is one organization idea that could cost you absolutely nothing! Just pull some old jars from your recycling bin and use them to store nails, screws, and any other small bulk items that collect in your garage. Label each jar with the item name and size so your system stays organized. Rachel Bishop shares more organization tips here.

Project Cost: ~$0


Garage Organization Idea #5

  • Battery Dispenser 

Does it seem like your batteries are always rolling around in drawers? Does it take forever to find the size you need? Try this smart solution: make a battery dispenser that mounts to the wall in your garage! All you need is wood and a clear acrylic sheet.

Project Cost: $12.00 


The list is endless around ideas to organize your garage. We hope these 5 tips helped you and your garage!


by your Charlotte Garage Door Company.



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