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Garage Door Technicians Needed

We’re hiring.

We need garage door technicians. Prior experience is good, but interested beginners are just as good. We can train you. As long as you want to work, enjoy working, can follow procedures, and are willing to learn, we’re interested.

So, that’s what we want. What do you want?

You want a good income, we’re guessing—and you can have that with us. Compensation for techs in our industry can vary a lot, but at our company we invest in our people, if they’re willing to invest in themselves. With us, you earn both hourly wages and a percentage on sales. A good garage door tech should be able to make $70,000 to $80,000 a year. And then if you show management, operations, and leadership skills, you can earn your way into ownership.

You probably also want varied work that draws on all your skills. Manual labor might be all well and good, but you’re more than a grunt, right? Good. Because with us, while you are definitely going to get a work-out at work, you’ll also be doing customer service and client management, skills you can transfer to other industries, if you want to try something else. And don’t forget, garage doors must be installed and maintained properly, or they could injure someone—a lot will be riding on your mechanical talent and ability.

I know that very few people dream of a career as a garage tech, but that’s only because most people don’t really understand what the job is about. The reality is you:

  1. Get to be outside
  2. Interact with new people all the time
  3. Solve problems
  4. Drive around town
  5. Get a good work-out

Tell me sitting in a cubicle for eight hours a day is better than that?

Garage door tech work is for the person who wants to work and wants to make a difference in their life and their family’s lives. Perhaps they want a new skill. Perhaps they want to learn. Perhaps they want to help homeowners. Come check us out.

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