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Garage Door Service with a Smile

Would you rather a worker at your house smile or not smile?

Assuming the work is good either way, you’d pick “smile,” wouldn’t you? Me too. That’s why it’s literally our policy to provide garage door service with a smile. Now don’t get me wrong—a person can’t smile forever. Try installing a new garage door motor and that smile might well turn into a grimace. The point is to do it whenever possible.

I don’t mean you. You don’t feel like smiling right now because your garage door needs work. That’s OK, we understand. But my team (me included) need to give you garage door service with a smile. It’s part of being friendly. The other part of being friendly is that we genuinely care that your garage door is broken. We really want to help.

Now maybe you’re saying that’s a nice advertising gimmick we’ve got, talking about all this smiling we do. I get it, a lot of companies just say whatever they think the public wants to hear. But here at Garage Door and More, employees are friendly and service-oriented or they’re gone. It’s that serious. I don’t want miserable people on site.

What I want is to build a company you will like. You’ll like our work. You will want to leave us a good Google review. You will want to tell your neighbors how happy you are with your garage door. You will want to share on Facebook about the awesome service you had.

And you will want to do all this, not just because we do good work, but because you’ll know we care about our clients. How will you know? Because we smiled.

We hope that, when we’re done, you’ll feel like smiling, too.





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