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Garage Door Service Call Frustration

Afterall, a Garage Door Service Call is Probably Not Something You Look Forward To

When you call a garage door company, chances are something is broken. Perhaps it’s a sensor, a remote, or a keypad, or maybe the entire garage door is damaged somehow. So, when you make that garage door service call, you are already annoyed. That’s understandable. When something breaks, it’s human nature to get frustrated. It’s also normal that if your call isn’t answered, or if the person on the other end of the line isn’t helpful, you’ll become even more frustrated.

Which is why the process of garage door repair—and our commitment to good service—has to start the moment you make the call.

Taking Your Garage Door Service Call

You making the call is the beginning of everything (well, besides the garage door getting broken, that does happen first). Your role is to describe the issue to us. Sure, you might misdiagnose the problem, but that’s ok. The information is still important. Our job is to listen.

If you’re dealing with something urgent (for example, if you can’t secure your house because the garage door won’t lock), we have to prioritize you, and our demeanor on the phone has to convince you that we are prioritizing you. Sometimes we can’t get there as quickly as we’d like, and we have to earn your trust that we’re doing the best we can. Listening carefully to your call also lets us know what type of work you need, who we should send to you, and how long the repair is likely to take.

Fixing Your Garage Door

Ok, we arrive at your place, at your service! But we’re not the first repair people you’ve met, and maybe some of the others have been less than friendly. Maybe they acted like helping you was a big inconvenience or didn’t seem entirely sure of what they were doing. We know you have no time for such lapses. In fact, this is the stage of the process where you find out what the repair will cost you, and no matter how reasonable the bill is, it’s a payment you didn’t budget for. If you weren’t in a bad mood already, you probably are now. We get it. You don’t feel very forgiving right now, so it’s our job to do nothing that needs forgiveness.

Our repair personnel are true experts, and they have support from our office in case something comes up that they do need to ask about. And they are customer-service focused. We never forget that we’re guests in your home on a bad day. Our job is to make things better.

Fix the Garage, Finish the Project

After the repair is complete, you go back to having a normal garage, and you move on with your life. We don’t move on, not quite yet. A good service company should always make a follow-up call, or at least make themselves available for any questions or concerns. What if the problem with your garage recurs? Try as we might, it sometimes happens, and so we go back and fix it again. What if your spouse has questions about the repair when she gets home from work? Our job is to make sure you’re satisfied, and that job isn’t done until you say it is.

Why Do We Have a Customer Service Ethic?

We have a customer service ethic because we know a garage door repair call is all about frustration, and because people, not garages, are our clients. And we know that taking care of our clients is simply the only way to stay in business. If we treat you right, you’ll tell your friends, and we’ll get more business. And we’ll deserve to stay in business. We wouldn’t, otherwise, and that matters.

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