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Why is Your Garage Door Not Opening?

Garage Door Not Opening?

When your garage door is not opening, using it becomes a challenge, and its refusal to open or close may signal a more significant problem. Fortunately, the repair services at Garage Door and More can help. Keep reading to learn why your garage door doesn’t go up all the way, what you can do and when to call our team for repairs. 


What Are Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open Up All the Way?

There may be many reasons why your garage door is not closing, but the most common ones are:

  • Problems with the remote garage door opener: Check your remote for damage and try replacing the batteries. Sometimes, the remote is simply at the end of its life and malfunctioning. The opener is a likely problem if nothing happens when you push the button on your remote.
  • A dirty sensor: Your photo eye prevents the garage door from closing on someone. It’s a great safety feature, but the sensor’s low placement — about eight inches up on the inside door track — means the lens can get dirty or even damaged. When it does, you’ll notice your garage door performs differently.
  • A trolley that is off or disconnected: The trolley moves along the chain drive and has a pull cord attached. Someone may have pulled the cord to open the garage door manually or disconnected the trolley. 
  • Damage to rollers and door tracks: When damage occurs to this area, the garage door may labor more to open. In addition, the opener’s pulling force may need adjustments as the tracks become worn if you have older overhead doors.


What Can I Do Now to Fix My Garage Door?

If your garage door is not opening or closing, there are a few things you can try:

  • Replace the batteries on your remote garage door opener.
  • Make sure the electrical cord attached to the opener is still plugged into an outlet.
  • Check the circuit breaker for any tripped breakers.
  • Verify that no one has locked the garage door from the inside.
  • Try the wall-mounted keypad.
  • Resetting the remote if you can get into your garage with the wall-mounted keypad but not the remote.
  • Clean the sensor.


When Do I Need a Garage Door Expert?

If your garage door stays in its position after you’ve reset the remote, cleaned the sensor and taken care of the basics, it’s time to call a professional at Garage Door and More. Trying to diagnose and fix the problem can be dangerous and invalidate your warranty. Leaving the repairs to the experts at Garage Door and More ensures the issue gets resolved correctly.


Why Should I Call Garage Door and More for Help?

Garage Door and More is a family-owned business serving homeowners and businesses in the Charlotte, NC, area with garage door installation, repair and maintenance services at affordable prices. Our award-winning service and experienced technicians strive to make your garage doors work smoothly. Contact us today to schedule an estimate or service call.



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