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A Garage Door Light Kind of Day

A Story About Fixing a Garage Door Light – Or So You Thought

You arrive home well after dark. The garage door opens, as usual, but the light inside the garage doesn’t turn on. It’s supposed to.

Changing lights, how hard can it be?

Morning comes. Followed by coffeea workout, kids’ stuff. And now—the honey-do list! Number-one on the list is to fix that darn garage door light. You figure you’ll get the easiest item done first.

You make your way out into the garage and take a look at the light. And suddenly you realize you need a ladder. You don’t have a ladder. You also need a new light bulb, and you have no idea what kind you need. This easy task isn’t looking so easy.

You do an internet search on your garage door system to find out what kind of light you need and you hit the store. You pick up a nice, tall ladder, the right kind of garage light, some candy you don’t need but, hey, it’s right next to the check-out, and some pizza. That Inizio’s pizza is right next to the home supply store seems like a good sign.

When you get home, your partner’s eyes role fondly at your proud smile and your new ladder. Now, you’re ready to finish this project! You’re feeling good about things! Maybe you’ll finish in time to watch the game, UNC versus Duke basketball. Any North Carolina resident is obligated to at least check the score.

You climb up, feeling quite competent and heroic…and you don’t even know how to open the compartment where the light goes in.

Minutes go by as you struggle to solve the puzzle. Your partner checks on you again and you do your best to look like you know what you’re doing. You finally get the compartment open, pull out the new bulb—and it doesn’t match.


When is the internet ever wrong? You start cursing your favorite search engine. You pull out your phone to re-do your search (this while balancing on a ladder) and, sure enough, you bought the bulb that came up on the search…you just searched for the wrong bulb. The model years don’t match. You searched for lights for a garage door system several years younger than yours, and sure enough, your old system and the newer one use different lights.

You’re going to need to go back to the store. And after that? After the next thing doesn’t work or doesn’t make sense?

Your spouse comes out to check on you again. “This is taking a while—how’s it going?”

In your humblest voice, you explain, “I just did a search on Google for Garage Door Repair Companies in Charlotte. I found a business called Garage Door and More. I called them and they will be here this afternoon to fix the garage door light.”

Now you’re going to go watch the game.



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