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Finding a Garage Door Repair Company

A Garage Door Repair Company At Your Service

Say you need your garage door fixed. Who are you going to call? Obviously, you want quality service at a fair price, but how do you know what that is? After all, not being a garage door repair company yourself, you don’t know what’s normal in the industry. You’re not even sure what questions to ask—you don’t know what you don’t know, as they say. Even worse, there are scams out there. How do you make sure the company you hire is on the up-and-up?

Well, read on.

What You’re Looking For In a Garage Door Repair Company

In general, you are looking for a well-regarded company that doesn’t show any red flags. For example, if the receptionist has trouble remembering the name of their own company, you are probably talking to a scam artist who does business under multiple names. Excessive advertising, unbelievably low rates, a reluctance to answer questions, or a website that doesn’t list an address–or lists the wrong address–are all bad signs.

But a red flag is a warning sign only; some companies smell fishy for perfectly innocent reasons. You’ll have to gather information and use your judgment.

You’ll also want a stable company with plenty of experience in your area. A new company, or a company that does most of its business somewhere else, is harder to research and also might not understand how factors like your local weather impact garage doors.

What You’re Not Looking For  

It sounds counter-intuitive, but avoid companies that specialize only in repair. The issue is that repair customers are more vulnerable—you have a garage door that won’t close or won’t open, you need it fixed now, and you are less likely to do your due diligence. Not all specialists are fraudulent, of course, but you want a company willing to depend on customers who aren’t desperate.

Get Multiple Garage Door Repair Company Estimates

The simplest way to find out what fair prices are for your area is to get multiple estimates. Those in the Charlotte, North Carolina area (including Matthews, Mint Hill, Waxhaw, Weddington, Concord, Huntersville, Tega Cay, Salisbury, and other towns are known for being great consumers). Unusually high prices are a bad sign, but so are unusually low prices—you could end up seeing a lot of extra fees added on later. A reluctance to give you a free estimate is also a bad sign. When you do choose a company, be very clear that additional fees and added work require your permission.

Rely On Others’ Opinions

Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Look up reviews online. Check to see what accreditation the company has—are they a member of the International Door Association? Are they certified by the various manufacturers whose doors they sell? Look up the company with the Better Business Bureau and walk away from anyone with a bad record (although a clean record is not a guarantee since many people don’t know how to register complaints). Is the company on Facebook and Instagram? If so, you can review their content and seek out positive comments.

As a related matter, make sure the company carries the proper safety licenses for contractors, has insurance, and follows building codes and other regulations. Those rules are there for a reason, and in any case, if someone cuts corners in one area, they are likely to cut other corners, too.

Bringing It All Together 

From all of the above, it might seem as though garage repair is some kind of hotbed of corruption where you must always watch your back. Actually, most people are on the up-and-up, but the simplest way to figure out which garage repair company to hire is to make a list of everybody doing business in your area and then cross people off. Cross off everybody who looks shady, inexperienced, or likely to go out of business before the warranty on the repair runs out. You will then have a manageable list of candidates to choose among. Your final choice should be made based on the company’s responsiveness, professionalism, service, and reputation. And after you have found a good garage repair company, be sure to leave them an online review, so the next person can make a well-informed choice.



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