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Is Your Garage Door Stuck?

Why Is My Garage Door Stuck? A stuck garage door is a nuisance. You may not be able to get your car in or out of your garage, and if you use your garage door to get into your house, you may have trouble accessing your home as usual.     5 Common Reasons Your Garage Door Is Stuck If your garage door is jammed, the five most common culprits are: 1. Track problems Obstructions on the tracks can be an issue. Even if you think you can remove a block yourself, remember to turn off your garage door opener before […]

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Is Your Garage Door Slamming Shut?

2 Reasons Your Garage Door Slams Shut A properly functioning garage door closes by gently touching the ground. Hearing a loud slam when your door closes indicates there’s an issue that should be fixed as soon as possible.  If your garage door slams shut, the professionals at Garage Door and More can properly diagnose the problem and resolve it so that you enjoy quiet and reliable garage door operation. Garage Door and More is proud to serve homeowners in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.   Why Does My Garage Door Slam Shut? If your garage door slams loudly, there may […]

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Why is Your Garage Door Not Opening?

Garage Door Not Opening? When your garage door is not opening, using it becomes a challenge, and its refusal to open or close may signal a more significant problem. Fortunately, the repair services at Garage Door and More can help. Keep reading to learn why your garage door doesn’t go up all the way, what you can do and when to call our team for repairs.    What Are Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open Up All the Way? There may be many reasons why your garage door is not closing, but the most common ones are: Problems with […]

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When Should You Replace Your Garage Door Instead of Repairing?

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Garage Door If you need to contact a repair service like Garage Door and More for a serious issue with your overhead door, you may wonder whether it’s time to replace the door itself. This decision largely depends on the cost of repairing your garage door, its age and the severity of the damage or disrepair.   What Type of Damage Does Your Garage Door Have? Minor damage can include issues, such as a disconnected trolley, a sagging door, a garage door that is off the tracks or a broken garage door window. While you may have […]

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