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A Garage Door Light Kind of Day

A Story About Fixing a Garage Door Light – Or So You Thought You arrive home well after dark. The garage door opens, as usual, but the light inside the garage doesn’t turn on. It’s supposed to. Changing lights, how hard can it be? Morning comes. Followed by coffee, a workout, kids’ stuff. And now—the honey-do list! Number-one on the list is to fix that darn garage door light. You figure you’ll get the easiest item done first. You make your way out into the garage and take a look at the light. And suddenly you realize you need a ladder. You don’t […]

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Garage Door Noise? Have It Looked At

A story about some garage door noise. Ah, Sunday mornings in the Carolinas! In Charlotte, we have beautiful mornings in the spring and summer, perfect for going outside and enjoying the great weather and the pollen! But the pollen is for another blog post. Now, it’s time to play basketball.  One of your kids goes out to play. You’re standing in your kitchen, helping your other child when you hear a loud, creaky noise. What in the…?  “What was that?” you call out.  “I don’t know,” your son calls back. “I think the garage door is making noises.”  “Oh. Okay then.”  Only, not okay then.  Garage doors have […]

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Bad Tires and Garage Doors

A thought about car maintenance led me to create this analogy.  Bad tires and Garage Doors?? Just like your car, your garage door has moving parts that wear down and it can lead to costly repairs or replacements. Our philosophy here is to do the right thing, the right way! We believe in routine maintenance as a way to keep those costly repairs far away from YOU!! If your door is making unusual noises, jerking in a weird way, or just not acting right, give us a call! We will send one of our professional technicians to perform a thorough safety inspection and get your door to operate the right, safe […]

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Garage Door Bowing Is Real

Garage door bowing and how to fix it There are many things that can go wrong with a garage door. One common problem is known as warping or bowing. Bowing is one kind of warping. It occurs on the exterior surface of a garage door, producing a caved-in appearance. Usually, bowing is obvious when you simply look at the door, but you might also notice the door opener straining or making odd noises. Bowing is ugly, and it’s also dangerous because it could cause the opener to fail. It’s not something you can ignore. Wooden doors, though beautiful, are especially vulnerable to […]

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A Story About a Garage Door Accident and Teenagers

Garage Door Accident | It Happens You arrive home from work after a long day on the job. You park your car in front of your garage, like usual, and go inside. You take a seat on the couch to relax for a couple of minutes. It’s been a tough day.   In comes your 17-year-old daughter, asking to borrow your car so she can go to her friend’s house. Not thinking twice, you hand her the keys. She’s a good kid. A couple minutes later, you hear a loud BANG. That noise didn’t come from the TV.   You know what has just happened.   Your daughter put […]

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Garage Door Inspection

What a Garage Door Repair Company Does versus What a Home Inspector Does When It Comes to Your Garage Door Inspection Here at Garage Door and More, we take a lot of pride in making sure your garage door and your garage door opener operate safely and silently. It is our goal and our passion!  Part of what we do is routine maintenance to help your unit last longer. But we also inspect your equipment to make sure everything is working properly and to find the exact cause of any issues that may exist. When we fix an issue, we want it to stay fixed, and that […]

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Garage Door Safety Tips

Making sure your garage door is in good working order is critical to your family’s safety. Here are garage door safety tips to help keep your garage door in good shape.  A garage door is a very large, very heavy, moving object that you and many of those you love must walk or drive beneath several times a day. Making sure this door is in good working order and not about to fall and crush you is critical. There are other possible dangers, too. We don’t mean to scare you—most people don’t get hurt by their own garage doors. But some people […]

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Garage Door Color Decisions

Does Garage Door Color Matter? You Bet it Does. Garage Door and More is not an exterior or interior designer. But we do repair, replace, and install garage doors. We know all that goes into it. From functionality, type, size, handles, openers, and yes, colors! Which leads us to just that… garage door color.   You could be choosing your garage door color for a new install or for an old garage door that needs a fresh look. Sorting through the color options is a challenge by itself.  From our experience and research, we realize there is no one way to do this. Sure, there are those […]

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It’s Time Garage Door Maintenance Made The List

Everyone loves a to-do list, so why not a garage door maintenance to-do list? Is garage door maintenance on your regular to-do list? Be honest. No judging.  You’ve thought about it.  And the answer?   It’s not. It’s not on most people’s regular to-do list. I’m in the garage door business and I get it. There are seemingly more important things to take on in your house.   But I’m here to tell you, garage door maintenance should be on your regular to-do list. There are a few things you should do every single year to keep your garage door functioning.  Garage Door Maintenance To-Do’s  1. Lubricate […]

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Garage Door Springs: What Are They?

Garage door springs are very important in the overall safety and security of your garage door. This is an educational piece about garage door springs and why they are so important.  You have probably heard how important it is to keep your garage door springs in good working order and how you must NEVER attempt a DIY repair of these springs (seriously, people have been killed that way). But what exactly are these springs? What do they do, and why do they sometimes break? Not all garage doors have the same kind of opening system, but the standard overhead doors used in most residential garages can […]

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